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Sketchbook of Jama Jurabaev

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Date Added: 8th February 2013
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Looking through those amazing sketchbooks of other people on the internet I realize that I still don`t have a unified style of sketching. My sketchbook contains different techniques that I use to drop down a main idea on a blank canvas, but I think these methods drive me to explore and to work with unusual forms and strange solutions.

I work a lot with traditional media. Pencil, pen, markers…I think working with traditional media makes my hands and mind more confident at drawing because there is no undo button, and I tend not to use an eraser at all. Traditional media needs a bit more organization and attention if you are planning to go for a finished painting at least it does for me. And I have huge respect for those people who have created masterpieces working in traditional media, but working in digital media is a great challenge too. It allows me to experiment a lot.

My main tool in digital sketching is Photoshop. Combining all of those wonderful tools can lead me to interesting concepts. We are just at the beginning of a digital art era.

Traditional methods of drawing were polished for centuries. I wonder how far we can go with digital media? The thought excites me!

Coming to the subject of my sketches, I tend to work much more on the areas that I am not so good at the moment. If I feel confident in drawing straight shapes and mechanical stuff I try to practice in drawing more curvy and organic shapes. I want to be an explorer and discover unknown worlds and creatures for myself. Drawing for me is like seeing those shapes in the clouds. As soon as I get rid of the blank canvas shapes start to form in my head. I see the story and try to develop it.

Anyway, take a nice seat and enjoy the journey through several worlds that I’ve created in the recent past.

Steampunk challenge

This is the set of images I created for the Steampunk challenge on Actually at the beginning of this challenge I had no idea what I was going to create, so I started to experiment in a very abstract way. I had in my mind some huge steam driven machines, even steam driven cities. Keeping this in mind I created several B/W sketches. Usually if I am searching for interesting subjects I tend to work in black and white. Looking at these sketches now, I think: Wow, it was a nice journey.

Starting with huge steam machinery (Fig.01) I traveled through different locations of my steam universe.

Steam temples (Fig.02)


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(ID: 153974, pid: 0) Anshuman on Fri, 08 February 2013 12:49pm
Hi Jama, what u wrote was really interesting as i also look forward to work in a good movie or game industry as a concept designer...!! I am also learning all by myself an sometimes i really get stuck...!! Can u tell me if u follow a certain process or way of practicing..!! i mean there are many subjects to draw..!!(figure, sci-fi, mechanical etc.) how to keep up with everything..!!
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