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Sketchbook of Keun-Ju Kim

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Date Added: 27th March 2013
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Hello, I am Keun-ju Kim and I work as a video game concept artist. I’m known as Rabbiteyes on the internet and in the forums. I enjoy drawing and painting everything from characters, backgrounds and animals to mechas, creatures and comics. I am very pleased to get a chance to share my sketches here.

This is my most recent sketch called “Electric Chair Girl” (Fig.01). After sitting on an electric chair, she somehow gained a superpower rather than dying. This character was originally created to be used in a Korean group illustration art book. I personally liked this theme so I decided to draw her again.

Sharp-edged erasers are very useful when making detailed sketches (Fig.02).

I usually use a mechanical pencil with 2B lead for sketches (Fig.03 â€" 04).


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(ID: 155820, pid: 0) Arthur on Thu, 23 January 2014 6:24am
Great article, enjoyed your drawings. Pilots are great! .
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