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Sketchbook of Marta Nael

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Date Added: 4th April 2013
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Here you can see some drawings that are explorations of poses and light made on 100x70cm paper. They took about 75 minutes (Fig.01 â€" 02). I believe it’s vital to draw reality and life models since it allows you to explore possibilities and improve your skills. Unlike many artists I don’t like starting with a line sketch; I feel that border lines make me lose freedom and the result is always less fresh. I always start by shading the whole canvas with a neutral color that would logically be in the palette for that piece. Then I go about defining surfaces by adding color with thick strokes or by erasing to show the canvas color.

Fig.03 â€" 04 are five minute sketches done on A4 paper with charcoal. When drawing an entire model in about five minutes, you have to rush to capture the mood, atmosphere and light rather than spending time on the details. This helps you discern between important and less important features; something which is useful when working on the finished illustration as it prevents you from getting lost in the early stages of the creative process, or getting caught up in the details.
In Fig.05 â€" 06 you can see how I tried to push the techniques mentioned before to the limit, and avoided defining the model as much as possible. These sketches were just studies of color and mood, and that’s why I wanted to use vividly colored paper, which in my opinion is a real challenge for any artist, and an exercise that can really help you improve in the area of light and color.


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