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The Career Path of Jeremy Love

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Date Added: 16th April 2013
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What was your first job in the industry and how did you get it?

I had done a lot of minor freelance work up until 2005, but my portfolio wasn't great. Before that I had been a sign writer for almost 10 years. My first game related freelance gig was for Wizard 101. Then I designed a whole bunch of vehicles for another game, Auto Assault, which also required orthographic drawings. This work combined with illustrations I'd done for online art challenges, gave me a portfolio strong enough to apply for a full time position at Krome Studios. They started me on Hellboy and I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

2003 â€" Some Airbrushed and hand painted signs

What can people expect from working in the industry?

They can expect an ever changing landscape, hard work, long hours, but a lot of fun. I find the beginning of a project is the most fun, when nothing has been pinned down yet and you can just go nuts. Once things settle down it is a little more regimented. You won’t always be designing cool stuff that interests you, so it's nice to have a fun side project to work on at home. I think it depends on your personality too. I mean if you are positive and easy to work with, you will have no problem in any job.

2007 - Entry for DEEP character competition, age 32

What are the key things that a great portfolio must have?

I’d say diversity and attention to detail. Show that you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals: perspective, anatomy, color, composition, but above all else, strong design. Showing a range of styles, genre and subject matter helps widen you scope for getting hired.

2009 â€" Entry for Steampunk challenge, age 34

What is your current workspace like?

Currently I'm in a small open plan studio of about 30 developers. I face a plain brick wall and three monitors. Not sure what the third one is for. There are some windows, but the blinds are closed as artists prefer the artificial light emanating from their computer screens. Oh, we have a ping pong table...and I’m finally starting to kick some ass.

2010 â€" Concept for game pitch â€" Bayou Shootout

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