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Sketchbook of Damien Mammoliti

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Date Added: 6th May 2013
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Here’s something silly I whipped up at work. The manliest taur you ever did see. I like combining different fables and cultures to make something new; i.e: a Viking centaur (Fig.01).

This is another undead lich-like creature (Fig.02). I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect lich design for what feels like eons, but nothing seems to feel right to me. He’s kind of on the right track though.

This one was a spur of the moment idea (Fig.03). I, for some reason, have a fascination with gigantic eyeballs placed where they should not be. I did want a sense of royalty to him, so he has the exaggerated posture you might expect.


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(ID: 154383, pid: 0) ThaiLB on Mon, 06 May 2013 9:22am
Wow, your sketch is so details. It is more than any sketches I have seen before. Great job!
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