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Sketchbook of John Park

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Date Added: 2nd July 2013
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Usually when I settle on a design I try to extend my thought process further by doing another round of variations. In this set (Fig.01) I tried to showcase as many details as I could in a thumbnail sketch set.

Fig.02 shows some ink thumbnails where I was exploring designs in a graphic style, using light and shadow to indicate information.

Fig.03 shows some loose sketches. The goal was to be as loose and interpretive as a sketch can be. I’m usually used to doing more defined drawings, but in this exercise I wanted to see how much I could define my design details through several scribbles and strokes.

In Fig.04 you can see the progression of my idea from thumbnail through to the design for my image The Wheel.5. I like to start off broad and loose, and then commit to a final design.

Fig.05 shows a similar exercise to the one in Fig.03, but this time I wanted to start the design with a pure silhouette to dictate the overall design and gesture.

Fig.06 was done as an in-class drawing demo and was done using a light tone marker to slowly build up all the design elements.


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(ID: 154657, pid: 0) Berny on Wed, 03 July 2013 8:01pm
Really nice work John ! Keep up the good work !
(ID: 154654, pid: 0) Evgeny Kashin on Wed, 03 July 2013 11:11am
Thank you, James! Great skills and excellent technique.
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