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Sketchbook of Geoff Shupe

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Date Added: 25th September 2013
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These were armor explorations, playing with some absurd shapes in the shoulders, groin, etc. I wanted to see if I could realize some typical fantasy armor designs into something that would actually fit on someone (Fig.01). What if elves were these little marginally intelligent beasties? Just kind of vicious and troublesome like they are in a lot of folklore. Like if they were evolutionarily divergent from trolls or something (Fig.02).

I love iteration to figure out a design. Here I was exploring different stylistic treatments to see how it influenced the
attitude of the character (Fig.03).

I was looking into the general design of a robotic arm for a classic gumshoe type and these are some of the possibilities that were found there. The type of tech had to match the demeanor of the figure (Fig.04).


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