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Sketchbook of Justin Albers

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Date Added: 5th December 2013
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For me, a sketchbook is a junkyard collection of ideas and designs, thoughts and shapes, inspirations and mindless scribbles. Most are not so good and do not end up going anywhere, but occasionally I’ll put something down that’s worth further investment. I try to keep some sort of sketchbook around wherever I happen to be. Sometimes I’ll just get random images pop into my head when I’m walking or driving or working, or sometimes I’ll see interesting images or patterns in water stains or oil spills that I might be able to use later in some way.

I frequently sketch with just a regular black ballpoint pen; it’s less messy than pencil and doesn’t smudge, and since I can’t erase anything it makes me conscious of choosing my lines carefully - but at the same time it isn’t as permanent and unforgiving as a Sakura Micron pen.

Robots and mechanical things are some of my favourite subjects to draw, and have been ever since I was a kid when I was drawing trains and cars all day. I find myself drawing that type of stuff a lot ... I’m told it’s because I can get away with just combining random shapes together that look cool â€" which actually sounds about right! Sketch.01 â€" Sketch.03 were from sessions at the Austin Sketch Group. They are nothing in particular, just me mindlessly trying to come up with some cool shapes and forms and emptying whatever’s in my brain onto the page.


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