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Pin-Ups Chapter 1

By Serge Birault
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Date Added: 29th January 2013
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For this image I will try a different style than my usual one. I want to do a cute cartoon pin-up, with very simple shapes. Bambi (her name) will be the character for this entire series. This chapter will concentrate on a military pin-up.


Here’s a list of the artists who inspired me for this project:

• Osamu Tezuka: The father of manga. He used to say he was not a good designer, but I think he was wrong. He had the capacity to create great characters with very simple shapes. He provided a very good influence when creating the face I wanted for Bambi, and was a great help when deciding on the proportions.

• The Fleischer Studios: They created Betty Boop, perhaps the most popular pin-up of all time. I will try to emulate her beautiful legs.

• The Walt Disney Studios â€" in particular Lee Clark: He did a lot of sketches of Mickey Mouse’s hands (you can easily find these sketches on the internet).
• Bawidamann ( A very good pin-up artist who created a lot of military girls. This was a useful reference to have for the uniform.

The Sketch

Usually I don’t spend a lot of time on sketches. I do a very fast doodle to see if the composition, curves and shapes are good (Fig.01).

Fig. 01

Colors and Lights

For a vintage-looking picture I will need sepia tones (Fig.02). I cannot work directly with these colors as it is too time-consuming, so I do this by making adjustments at the end. I want to do an exterior scene so I choose a blue background, like a big blue sky. This blue will be my ambient light so it will influence all the tones of my picture. There will be a lot of reflective materials (vinyl/plastic/metal) in this scene. I like to show these with square reflections. It’s not very logical because it’s an exterior scene, but I’m not trying to be realistic â€" I just want it to look cool!


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(ID: 153866, pid: 0) Jenny on Tue, 29 January 2013 2:18pm
Tnks !!! Tnks !!! tnks!!!
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