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Serves Me Right

By Bram 'Boco' Sels
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Date Added: 23rd May 2013
Software used:

We talked about them in class and came to the conclusion that there were a few with potentialâ€" 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 had potential, though 4, 7 and 8 had more narrative going for them. Eventually we went for 4. Perhaps I’ll work out some of the other ones in the future.

Next I duplicated the chosen thumb into a new document and boosted the resolution to 6000px in height. After that I tried to put some undefined yet aggressive looking stuff in the foreground and figured out what to do with her hand and face. Some people might argue that this can wait, but somehow getting the face more or less right makes me a bit less nervous to work on the rest, so I tend to do that quickly (Fig.05).


You’ll probably notice that there’s not a lot of definition in there yet. As far as narrative or stories go there wasn’t a specific briefing, so I could still take this any direction I wanted. That was the fun part, building a story around the character. She’s definitely all geared up, but why? What could she be doing?

I didn’t like the stuff in the foreground, because it didn’t really say anything. I tried a few things and eventually put a gun there, kind of like the one she’s carrying. It puts up some questions to think about and gives the viewer his or her own take on the story.

I also tinkered on the composition a bit. It felt off balance so I moved the character to the left a bit (Fig.06).


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