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Create texture and paint materials

By Romanov Pavel
Web: Open Site
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Date Added: 27th May 2014
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Freelance illustrator, Romanov Pavel, takes us through his process of creating a menacing, brutal warrior. He shares advice and the techniques he used to paint materials and create the character concept for his image, Warrior of Valhalla

I will break down my process of creating my image, the Warrior of Valhalla. The task was simple; I wanted to create the image of a brutal warrior, a real man, moody, menacing and powerful. Because I like to create characters, I decided to focus on creating an interesting armor and face.

A quick sketch

First, I put on my headphones and turned on some music to create the right atmosphere. To start creating the sketch, I specified the mass of elements in the foreground and background. I always make my very first sketches in black and white, but then immediately turn on the color. This was difficult to work with at first, but now it’s really easy.

And with that, the draft was ready and I could begin the fun part - adding the detail. This stage was the most exciting, because I needed to include fantasy in full. In this case, I did it without reference and just gave freedom to my imagination. (I was only able to do this though, because I have drawn a lot of armor in the past!)

“Flowing hair added some dynamics to the scene”

Getting down the basic shapes in black and white

The character’s face

Now the face! Because of the nature of the character, I decided it should not be cute and clean-shaven. I sketched in a long mat of hair, a bushy mustache and beard. These attributes brought to mind the real brave signs of a northerner who has sailed on a Drakkar to distant shores in an itch to gain wealth and fight brutal battles with dangerous enemies, solely for the sake of the beautiful songs that will glorify his strength and courage.

I started drawing the face, large nose, wide eyes and a furrowed brow, and a couple of scars. Flowing hair added some dynamics to the scene.

Giving the character appropriate characteristics

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