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For more information, questions or bookings contact Emma Handley at [email protected] and quote LayerPaint.

Who are we?
LayerPaint is an exciting new website dedicated to providing the growing digital art industry with the very best 2D tutorials, interviews and articles, breaking industry news and jaw-dropping artwork from around the globe.

A sister-site to 3DTotal, one of the most valued and popular 3D resource sites available online today, LayerPaint is an essential educational resource for both budding and experienced CG artists alike, offering inspiration, advice and support while also showcasing some of the best computer generated 2D artwork being created in the world today.

Why advertise with LayerPaint?
LayerPaint provides an extensive range of in-depth, well-written articles, tutorials and interviews, along with daily gallery updates and product promotions, which attract millions of visitors from all over the world each month.

We offer a number of advertising options, with campaigns to suit an array of durations and budgets. If you are looking to showcase a service or product you can pick a campaign to include one or more the following:

- Banner space in premium slots on our website
- A full page advert in either (or both) 2DArtist and 3DCreative magazines
- A newsletter feature that includes your advert, plus promotional text
- A mention on the homepage news section of LayerPaint, including your advert plus promotional text
- An interview on the homepage of LayerPaint, including images, videos and links

Choosing to place your advertising with LayerPaint will give your advert the chance to be seen by a huge, global audience, from a variety of different industries, making for a very successful, very cost effective, campaign.

We are flexible with what budget you have available and how you would like to pay for your campaign, as well as offering discounts for campaigns over 3+months (5% discount) and 6+ months (10% discount), making long term campaigns accessible no matter what size your company is*.

If you would like to know more about the various opportunities available, please request a media pack by contacting Emma Handley at [email protected] and quote LayerPaint or call +44 (0) 1905 29764.

*Please note if your Company is based in an EEC country, such as ourselves in the UK, then the above prices are subject to 20% VAT

If you have any interest in the above please contact Emma Handley [email protected] and quote LayerPaint so we may discuss requirements and rates

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