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Meet The Team
Tom Greenway Image
Tom Greenway
Managing Director

Tom was 25 when he discovered CG on a multimedia course at college. He progressed to a Computer Animation MA at Bournemouth NCCA, then joined a 3D studio in London. All the while was growing as a hobby. In 2001, he took the leap and started 3dtotal full-time. And it's been growing ever since! Tom also enjoys his longboards, bodyboards and power kites.

Lynette Clee Image
Lynette Clee
Studio Manager & Editor

Lynette was an early member of 3dtotal, working across a variety of cool projects between 2006 and 2010. After a three-year hiatus as News Editor and Acting Editor of 3D Artist magazine in Bournemouth, UK, Lynette rejoined the 3dtotal crew in April 2013 as Studio Manager to help bring a bunch of new ideas to life!

George Lucas Image
George Lucas
Advertising Manager

George has one of the best names to work in this industry and is well known for her energy and enthusiasm in the world of CG. With stints on 3D World and 3D Artist mags, she's now back and turning her hand to the awesomeness of 3dtotal. In her free time she likes to venture outdoors with her puppy, Rhubarb.

Melanie Smith Image
Melanie Smith
Project Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

Melanie comes from a publishing background and has previously worked for academic and educational publishers. Having always had a strong interest in art, she is now very pleased to be working for 3dtotal! Melanie enjoys skiing, life drawing, and endlessly trying to learn Italian!

Jess Serjent-Tipping Image
Jess Serjent-Tipping
Deputy Editor

Jess has always had a passion for art; doodling and sketching on whatever was to hand from an early age. She studied visual communications and illustration at university and still creates artwork in her spare time. Since joining 3dtotal in 2012, she's enjoyed finding talented artists to grace the pages of 2dartist and daily.

Marisa Lewis Image
Marisa Lewis
Publishing Assistant

Marisa studied illustration and creative digital media at university, and loves to both create and look at art. She lurked around doing drawing-related odd jobs for a while, before joining 3dtotal full-time in 2014 as part of the editorial team. In her spare time, Marisa enjoys books, music, games, and walking a small hairy dog called Johnny.

Jenny Newell Image
Jenny Newell
Junior Editor

Jenny enjoys organising content for 3dtotal's 3D art magazine: 3dcreative (among other things!). She loves reading about 3D software and seeing the fantastic creations artists can conjure with seemingly endless variations in style and technique. She's always looking out for new talented artists to showcase - so watch out!

Adam Smith Image
Adam Smith
Publishing Coordinator

Adam joined the staff at 3dtotal in August 2013, bringing with him writing and editing experience, as well as the will to help customers. He is constantly amazed by the creativity of others and loves the written word, but is becoming increasingly impressed with the CG 2D and 3D artwork out there!

Imogen Williams Image
Imogen Williams
Lead Graphic Designer

Imi originally worked for 3dtotal in 2007 as a design intern while studying at college. After graduating from university, she went on to work for a number of (super busy!) design and marketing agencies, specialising in design for print. In 2013, she rejoined the 3dtotal team as our Lead Designer, bringing with her a keen eye for design and layout.

Matthew Lewis Image
Matthew Lewis
Graphic Designer

Matt first began his affiliation with 3dtotal towards the end of 2005 when he joined 3dtotal as a part-time designer while studying at the local art college. After a stint in Cardiff, Wales, where he completed his degree in Graphic Communication, he returned to Worcester - and the 3dtotal team - to take a full-time position on the design team.

Az Pishneshin Image
Az Pishneshin
Graphic Designer

Since joining the 3dtotal team as a designer in 2011, Az has made a name for himself as a formidable opponent in the office pool games. And when he is not collecting tattoos or watching sports, he can be found working on a variety of projects within 3dtotal, including designing and laying out one of the monthly magazines, 2dartist.

Radovan Dacej Image
Radovan Dacej
IT Manager

Rad keeps all our hardware and software running. And when he's not saving the day in the office when a computer decides not to start, an HDD dies or an email won't leave its Outbox, he can be found supervising and managing servers alongside developing websites and making sure nothing slows down your browsing experience.

Greg Carslaw Image
Greg Carslaw
Games Designer

Greg has been playing and designing games for as long as he's been able to walk. He likes to think that he's finally getting good at it, although he claims that he still falls over sometimes. He enjoys linguistic ambiguities, cultural change and chocolate; he's also a doctor of psychology, but prefers playing games with people to studying them!