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Making Of 'Closet Monster'

By Rafael Nascimento
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Date Added: 13th January 2012
Software used:

I had to do a lot work on the teeth in particular, because I had to think about how the specular, shadow, projected shadow and light influences would behave (Fig.09).

Fig. 09

I develop a specific brush to do the scale on the monster’s face. I used this brush with Pen Pressure and Shape Dynamics turned on, with Angle Jitter control set to Direction mode. This brush allowed me to establish the scale while also respecting the volumes of the closet monster (Fig.010a - 10b).

1466_tid_fig10 a.jpg
Fig. 10a

1466_tid_fig10 b.jpg
Fig. 10b

The little fish was easy to deal with. It only took a little work to add the caustic effect of its little aquarium, using an Abstract brush. The water reflection was done randomly, because in nature water doesn’t follow a specific pattern. So I decided to make it believable, but random (Fig.11).

Fig. 11

I added some wood texture to the closet door. I then worked on the reflection of the trophies and took away the focus of the furniture on the first plane to give my perspective. I textured the wall and added some drawing of defeated monsters as well as a count to show how many the boy had defeated so far. During the process, I noticed that the closet was empty, so I decided to add some clothes there (Fig.12).

Fig. 12

To finalize the image, I applied the high pass filter (this filter makes the scene clearer and brings some details alive too) and a blue filter on the whole image to add ambience (Fig.13).

Fig. 13

And that is it! I hope you found this Making Of useful and I would like to thank 2DArtist magazine for this amazing opportunity.
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(ID: 99093, pid: 0) Bruno Benini on Fri, 30 March 2012 10:54pm
Hey man! Congrats!!! I was reading your tut and i have to thank you, because it was very helpfull...i liked your style and your way to paint the scene. Bye!!!
(ID: 89682, pid: 0) Kuat on Wed, 29 February 2012 9:16am
it is great! very helpfull to me, thank you!
(ID: 78644, pid: 0) Quintonius on Sat, 14 January 2012 12:46am
Great tutorial man, very helpful...keep it up.
(ID: 78637, pid: 0) Ariel on Sat, 14 January 2012 12:17am
Amazing work man! Congrats from Argentina! chek my blog if you like: Byeeee!!!!
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