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Making of 'Spanish Girl'

By David Munoz Velazquez
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Date Added: 9th December 2009
Software used:
Fig. 09


I always like to use some textures to give irregularity and detail to some parts that would be too complex to paint. (Fig.10) shows those textures that I have used to give the clothing its detail. These textures are overlaid, or multi-layered, in almost all cases. There is a very handy feature in 2D programs that allows you to duplicate your windows (Fig.11), which can be used to work from a closer view, whilst the other views update the changes - remaining at your desired zoom-level (Fig.12). The detail work has been done with the same tools used for the rest of the picture, but using the window instance tool for a closer view.

Fig. 10

Fig. 11

Fig. 12


Another trick that is very often used in digital art, is to play with the canvas position. Most 2D packages have an option that allows you to flip the canvas horizontally - this option is very good, and almost essential whilst working. The fact is that when I use this option, and I flip the canvas, then the picture is like a new, very different version from what I was used to, and all the flaws in the artwork instantly appear. It is then perfectly easy to critique your own work, and decide what has to be fixed.

Final Image


This work has been done in my spare time, and I believe this way has allowed me to see things that I wanted to change, and gave me enough courage to redo anything that I personally wanted. For example, I did many more changes on the character’s face than I originally expected to. Now, I am more inclined to change a major part of my artwork - even if it’s in an advanced or almost at the final stage. This means that I’m now more of a non-conformist with the result, and this helps me to push my knowledge a little further. From working on this picture, the most important thing that I have taken from the whole experience, is working with colour. The fact that colours give a picture a lot more feeling, helps to better explain the overall concept. After looking at the picture many times, and having read comments and critiques from other artists, there are a few things I would now do differently, looking back. I feel that a less saturated and lighter background would greatly enhance the work. I would also experiment with a less decorated skirt, on a white colour, and try out different cloth textures. I believe this would make the torso look shorter, and would give more wrinkles to the skirt. The white head cloth I would also to be covering her a little more.

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(ID: 96302, pid: 0) Iqbal on Tue, 20 March 2012 8:35am
very good information and very original visual concept. Please upload more such effects especially of scenery.
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