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  • TUTORIALS 22/08/2014

    Painting a fantasy world based on a story is always challenging work; in 9 steps Rabie Rahou will reveal his key techniques to achieve this.


    Aekkarat Sumutchaya demonstrates the techniques behind his fantasy character image, Witches of Forest.

    INTERVIEW 20/08/2014

    With an extensive career in the game industry, Calum Alexander Watt shares his experiences and advice, and reveals what to expect from starting his new chapter with Improbable.

    NEW ISSUE 19/08/2014

    2dartist#104 is out now! Mastering character art, Explore coloring techniques, and MUCH more in this 116 page issue!

    TUTORIALS 19/08/2014

    Discover how Aekkarat Sumutchaya creates dramatic perspective, as he reveals the process for his image Android.

Galleries - Daily Spotlight - Friday 22nd August 2014

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22nd August 2014

Have you fallen into the Technique Trap? Disney character designer Chris Oatley offers his advice.

21st August 2014

Check out Floating City, a fantastic cardboard sculpture by Nina Lindgren, complete with time-lapse video!

20th August 2014

Check out Temple of Art: The Documentary on Kickstarter, an insightful look into the lives and inspiration of prolific artists.

19th August 2014

Take a look at this cool, compact sketchbook on Kickstarter. Great for traveling artists & art enthusiasts!

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New Sci-Fi gallery image by Luis Gama

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New Fantasy gallery image by Rivenis

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Caricature Digital Painting of Dwight Schrute

Software: Photoshop;

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Caricature Digital Painting of Dwight Schrute - Part 3

Software: Photoshop;

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