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  • TUTORIALS 17/04/2014

    In this tutorial, Richard Tilbury shows us how to utilise SketchUp and the use of 3D as a starting point for your digital painting.


    Painting fantasy landscapes Sergey Svistunov reveals the techniques he uses to paint an autumn scene in SAI on just one layer!

    INTERVIEW 15/04/2014

    Ubisoft, Montreal lead character development artist, Xavier Etchepare talks about his inspirations, the appeal of 2D tools and his experiences of working as a concept artist.

    TUTORIALS 14/04/2014

    In this tutorial, Clonerh Kimura guides us through his thought process, from the early stages to the finishing touches of his illustration.

    TUTORIALS 11/04/2014

    Mike ‘Daarken’ Lim demonstrates professional techniques for painting different types of armour.

Galleries - Daily Spotlight - Thursday 17th April 2014

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15th April 2014

Artist Stefania Fersini uses oil on canvas to create the wrinkled paper effect in these paintings, as a comment on excess and waste.

14th April 2014

Take a look at the beautiful mixed media pencil drawings, created by Germany-based artist Eiko Borcherding, who plays with the theme of life and ...

12th April 2014

Check out these awesome tree tunnels!

11th April 2014

Beautifully eery pictures of abandoned American malls.

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New Sci-Fi gallery image by jp

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Making Of 'The Beast'

Software: Photoshop;

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Making Of 'God of War'

Software: Photoshop;

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