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  • TUTORIALS 24/10/2014

    Gain an insight into Brett Bean's painting process, from the linart in Sketchbook Pro, to the coloring process in Photoshop!


    Discover the process behind Aekkarat Sumutchaya's image Cleopatra, where he demonstrates how to achieve dramatic lighting

    TUTORIALS 22/10/2014

    Sergey Svistunov demonstrates the simple and effective painting techniques he uses to create landscape scenes

    NEW ISSUE 22/10/2014

    Issue 106 of 2dartist magazine is now available! We chat with Juan Pablo Roldan, paint a pin-up with Kari Günther, and bring you the latest tips, and advice.

    TUTORIALS 21/10/2014

    From the initial sketch, blocking in to the final texture details, Aekkarat Sumutchaya demonstrates how he painted this vibrant scene.

Galleries - Daily Spotlight - Saturday 25th October 2014

Yuta Otani1 Comment

News - Latest sightings from across the net

25th October 2014

cool microscopic images taken with a Micropod...take a look for some inspiration!

24th October 2014

The EYECANSEECLEARLYNOW Animation Competition has launched! Win funding for film project produced with award-winning animation company.

24th October 2014

Beautiful DIY geometric paper masks by designer Steve Wintercroft. Steve has a series of mask templates that you can download, print, and color.

23rd October 2014

Incredible photos of nature in the process of reclaiming places and things.

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Making Of 'Nyx'

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Create moody fantasy concepts

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