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  • TUTORIALS 01/07/2015

    Tyler Edlin shares a handful of his tops tips and techniques for polishing your concept art

    NEW ISSUE30/06/2015

    Issue 114 of 2dartist is out now, and we’ve got an exciting mix of sci-fi and fantasy for you this month! JP Roldan shows us how to craft a grungy sci-fi scene, plus much more!

    TUTORIALS 25/06/2015

    Discover how Sergey Svistunov digital paints a building in a traditional style

    TUTORIALS 24/06/2015

    Discover how Brett Bean creates a cool character portrait using Sketchbook Pro

    TUTORIALS 17/06/2015

    Denis Loebner shares his techniques for painting 30-minute concepts for the Facebook group Daily Spitpaint. He guides us through the step-by-step process he used to paint his image

Galleries - Daily Spotlight - Wednesday 1st July 2015

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News - Latest sightings from across the net

30th March 2015

We love Scott Kilkuta's mech illustrations! Check them out here on his blog.

26th March 2015

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the concept art of Sung Choi, a concept artist working in the video game industry.

25th March 2015

Check out Dave Rapoza's blog post 'The Strange Thing About Art Theft', it's an interesting read!

24th March 2015

Take a look at Magic Leap's teaser video for Dr. Grordbort Presents: Victory, a creation by Weta Workshop concept artist Greg Broadmore.

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The song of the harsh Siberian plains

New Fantasy gallery image by Alexey Egorov

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Isla Sorna

New Scenes gallery image by Jessica Rossier

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Generate interesting light effects

Software: Photoshop;

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Create stylized characters

Software: Photoshop;

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