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Would you like to see your tutorials on LayerPaint? submit tutorial

The LayerPaint team is always looking for new, fresh, exciting and educational tutorials to showcase on the website and help the digital art community learn and grow.

From traditional techniques to Photoshop and Painter tutorials â€" and everything in-between â€" our aim is to build a vast and varied free tutorial library to not only inspire and educate others, but to also help tutorial authors increase exposure of their skills. With tens of thousands of visitors on our websites (be sure to visit our sister site, 3DTotal) every day, it's an awesome platform for you to showcase your talent!

We are interested in tutorials for all software packages and difficulty levels. Whether you prefer to write tutorials with text and image steps, or show videos to better demonstrate your workflow, so long as the topic is relevant to our audience and will be helpful to them, we will be happy to consider adding it to our library.

When submitting tutorials, please ensure they are written in English in a clear, user-friendly way. We will proof-read all tutorials before putting them online, but please be sure to thoroughly read through your own tutorial before submitting to check for errors and potential learning problems.

Approved tutorials will be showcased on the LayerPaint homepage for several days before becoming a permanent addition to the LayerPaint Tutorials catalogue. Please note that due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot always reply to all emails. Thanks for understanding.

Best of luck!
How to submit
If you have a tutorial you're proud of, share it with the world! Here's how:

Simply submit your tutorial to
so the LayerPaint team can review and consider your submission for the website. Please include the following information with your submission:

- Name
- Preferred contact email address
- Website URL (if applicable)
- Title of tutorial
- Software used

Please note:
- Text + image tutorials: If you're submitting a text-based tutorial, please provide the text and images separately, with the images clearly marked in the text
- Video tutorials: If you're submitting a video-based tutorial, please provide introductory text to explain what your tutorial is all about. This only needs to be around 50 words
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Will you contact me after I submit?
All submissions will be reviewed by the LayerPaint team as soon as possible. We aim to review tutorials within 10 days of receipt. If you have not received a reply within this time you are welcome to contact us.

If you haven't yet written a tutorial but would like to, or perhaps there's a topic you'd like someone else to write about, we'll be pleased to hear from you! Simply email