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Female Game Character Concept: Chapter 1 - Create a Solid Design

By Marc Brunet
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Date Added: 13th August 2013
Software used:

In the first chapter of this exclusive new series we will explore various ideas in Photoshop and create a polished draft of the best one!


This tutorial will cover every step in the creation of a concept for a female game character. It is geared towards industry professionals or skilled amateurs as it will assume you have good knowledge of anatomy, volumes in a 3D space, perspective and color.

There won’t be orthographic drawings for the final concept sheet since I find it tends to soak out all the soul of a concept once translated to 3D. Instead, we will create a front and back three-quarter view and bet on the interpretational skills of the 3D artist.

Step 1: Shape Exploration

The first step for almost any concept, especially in a professional environment where you might have to change and adapt based on the art direction, is to always start very rough.

This is where we brainstorm and try to come up with as many cool silhouettes as possible, while keeping only a very loose idea of what the final concept could be. In this case we know the character will be female and I am leaning towards a sci-fi vibe for her. There is no particular direction other than that so this is an awesome scenario for any artist!

Since I want the character to be stand-alone, having her as a main character with a distinct function will help us in our exploration

Step 2: Establish the Main Idea

In this second step, looking at all those sketches makes it a lot easier to decide on the general idea for our character. This particular silhouette is interesting as it reminds me of a jousting knight without a horse.

At this point I always try to come up with a background for my characters to solidify the idea and have it help drive the actual concept later on. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to go with this:

“A jouster from the future who uses special sprinting armors to help propel herself at her adversaries”

Very loosely blocking in the main shapes and refining the silhouette

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